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From offsetting your flight’s emissions to packing lighter, you can already make some simple changes to reduce your own carbon footprint when you fly. If we all make these changes, collectively we can make a big difference to our emissions. Scroll to discover what you can do.

Fly net zero

Did you know that it’s possible to fly without increasing your own overall carbon footprint? Carbon offsetting programmes, often sold with airline tickets, allow you to pay a fee to fund environmental programmes, compensating for your own emissions from flying. If your airline doesn’t offer offsetting, search for any verified, independent scheme.

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Pack lighter

Weight has a huge effect on how quickly an aircraft burns fuel, and the aviation industry has been working hard to reduce the weight of its planes – but passengers can make a difference, too. Instead of viewing the luggage weight allowance as a target, why not consider how you can remove some of the heavy, bulky items from your luggage? Packing just a kilo less, once multiplied across every passenger and every flight, can make a huge difference to CO2 emissions.

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Travel sustainably

Reducing the carbon footprint associated with flying begins when you buy your ticket, and continues as you plan your journey to the airport and what you do when you get to your destination. Travelling to the airport on public transport or bringing a reusable bottle are just some of the ways you can further reduce tourism’s impact on the environment.

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Offset business travel

Businesses can also do their bit. Offsetting corporate travel is a great first step, and there are lots of resources and tools to help businesses do this. If you fly regularly for work, you could start by encouraging your travel booker to offset your company’s travel emissions.

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There are also things that the aviation industry is doing

Discover what the aviation industry is doing to tackle climate change.